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Episode 173 :: Mouth’s Cradle: The Prince Jellyfish Speaks

Posted by NerdyShow on April 7, 2014

ep173 300We usually leave discussions about anime and Japanese culture to the professionals over at Wicked Anime, but not this time!

In this episode, Cap talks with Kevin (aka Prince Jellyfish, aka Young Crybaby) from Mouth’s Cradle. Their new EP, Sakura, takes on genre that few nerd artists have attempted: English language covers of anime themes and j-pop songs.

Last month on Nerdy.FM, we debuted the EP along with a track-by-track interview where the musician shared favorite j-pop composers, anime, and insight into this rad record’s inspirations.  This episode compiles that interview as well as expands it with clips that didn’t make it to the streamed version.  So hang out with Cap and Kevin as they talk about eccentric pop stars, horror films, Princess Jellyfish, Pokémon, and chronicling the journey of an eclectic rapper’s foray into uncharted nerd music waters.


  1. Sakura Kiss :: Mouth’s Cradle
  2. Heavy Rotation :: Mouth’s Cradle


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