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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: The Dresden Files & Star Wreck

Posted by NerdyShow on March 4, 2014

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesIT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and holding a RPG $upport Drive drive where YOU choose the next system we play.  There’s so many awesome systems contending against one another and each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure with a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network.

All of us here at Nerdy Show have games we’re rooting for and so we’ve created character pitches showcasing who we’d play if our favorites win. Check out our character pitches and donate for the Nerdy Show host, system, or character YOU want to see.

This time we’re hearing from two new contenders in the fight for your affection: Hex (of Nerdy Show) explores The Dresden Files’ world of modern wizardry and Jonathan (of Wicked Anime) goes boldly into the Trek parody, Star Wreck!

Hex :: The Dresden Files

A modern day wandering wizard, Fisher is a vagrant dedicated to honing his spellcraft and widening his knowledge of demonology. When he was nine years old, he and his younger brother, Calvin, were playing with a Ouija board while their parents were out of the house. Fisher’s latent magical talent must have awoken something that night – because an actual demon was summoned. It stole Calvin and vanished. In an attempt to save his brother, Fisher struck at the demon, but was cast aside, leaving a wound on his left forearm. As a young child, Fisher freaked out, not knowing what to say to his parents and feeling a grave responsibility for his younger sibling. He did what he felt made the most sense: he ran away from home in hopes to better understand the power that stole his younger brother.
It’s been over two decades since his first demonic encounter. Since then, Fisher has honed his natural talent and accrued a wealth of knowledge of the supernatural over the years. He has many contacts all over North America as has spent many years paying penance for his actions – wandering and helping whomever he can. Though much more wiser and powerful, Fisher hasn’t come any closer in his search for Calvin. But, though something was taken away that night, something was also given: the scar on his left arm pulses lightly with pain whenever demon activity is nearby.

Jonathan :: Star Wreck

My name is Darko Drhawwn. I’m 23 years old and I’m the helmsman of the largest ship in the entire star fleet. How did I get here?  I’m that good. I know it, and the crew knows it. Also, I have robot hands. That’s a big part of it too. My captain advised me that there is no greater connection to a ship than sweet, sweet machine-on-machine action. I agree. I was hired on the spot. Does it matter that I have 20/200 vision and a stigmatism in my left eye? HELL NO . . . I’ve got robot hands.

The academy told me I would never make it anywhere with my skills – but now look at me! I didn’t even have to take a single test and here I am; a helmsman, a pilot, and a vehicles expert. Screw the academy! A captain knows talent when he sees it. I can navigate to new and unknown worlds ripe for exploration with nothing but my outstanding cartography skills and Apple Maps. I can dog fight this hulking mass of space travel with one robot hand behind my back and leave the battle victorious with not as much as a half a dozen hull breaches!  I would bet you 5 space dollars on it. And if the numbers are down in a fight, you can guarantee I’ll be there… Hiding behind the bigger guys – but I’ll be there. There’s gotta be a lot of bigger guys in front of me though. Nobody hits a man with space glasses. I’ve got robot hands.


Think these characters have what it takes?  Make your voice heard in the RPG $upport Drive and bring them to life!

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