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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: Gamma World & Mass Effect

Posted by NerdyShow on March 25, 2014

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesIT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and holding a RPG $upport Drive drive where YOU choose the next system we play.  There’s so many awesome systems contending against one another and each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure with a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network.

All of us here at Nerdy Show have games we’re rooting for and so we’ve created character pitches showcasing who we’d play if our favorites win. Check out our character pitches and donate for the Nerdy Show host, system, or character YOU want to see.

As we enter the final week of our Drive, we’ve got two more characters to sway you: Hex (of Nerdy Show) gets his hands dirty with Gamma World and Jon (Nerdy Show‘s Sci-Tech correspondent) makes good on his Mass Effect promise to make a “crazy scientist” character.

Hex :: Gamma World

Playing as: Mosoi the Yeti Mind Breaker

Picked on as the runt of his clan, Mosoi developed his physical prowess, unaware of the power that lay dormant within his mind. When his latent psychic powers began to manifest during adolescence, he did his best to hide them from his clan – fearing that he would be considered a freak and exiled as an outcast. Though his clan shunned him, they were still his family and he truly loved them.

One day, while out with the other hunters, the clan was struck by slavers. When the hunters returned to the clan grounds, all that remained were the ashes and corpses of those who resisted. Enraged, Mosoi went with the hunters to seek vengeance, only to be ambushed by the slavers. One by one, Mosoi watched his brothers fall in combat. Losing control, he finally dropped the barriers he had built around his powers. A psychic wave rushed forth from Mosoi, shattering the minds of the would be slavers, but also breaking the few yeti who had still survived.

Mosoi emerged from the mound of corpses – now painfully aware of the nature of his power. He wanders the wilderness, leaving his ancestral land behind.

Jon :: Mass Effect

Playing as: 1st Lieutenant James Bishop – Human Sentinel

Bishop was the unlucky recipient of an L2 implant while at BAaT. The implant came at a cost; despite it’s notable power – it slowly twisted his mind towards madness. Realizing his plight, he requested medical leave from Jump Zero and became fixated on solving the ‘implant problem’. He had always had a talent for understanding complex systems, and had been planning to become an engineer before being selected for biotic training. With his sanity slipping, his natural abilities of deduction fluctuated violently, granting him sporadic but incredible insights.

After a year, he tracked down the original L2 implant team and began flooding their inboxes with scattershot questions mixed with brilliant breakthroughs in brain-implant interactions. They never replied, assuming rightly that the sender was clearly a madman… but then came the file. Bishop had cobbled together his own implant monitoring and modification device using a heavily altered commercially available BCI and a transcranial stimulation array of his own design. The message he sent was starkly different than his previous ones, almost sane, and it included a file filled with readings from his partially successful experiment into countering the implants ill effects.

The team ‘acquired’ Bishop and set about developing the L3 implant. Using his research they created the L3-RX (retrofit experimental, they reversed the RX part from XR to make light of Bishop’s continuing fall into insanity; it would be his ‘medicine’). Having no other alternative, the team performed the incredibly dangerous surgery of replacing Bishop’s L2 implant with the L3-RX. Although successful, Bishop still suffers from short bouts of madness as the implants VI’s catch up to his neurological signals.

Now largely functional, Bishop continued to aid the team until the L3 was released into the wild – providing human biotics a far safer alternative to the risks of the L2. Seeing a rise in batarian aggression and the amount of risks human colonists suffered, Bishop joined up with the Alliance team working on automated defenses (turrets and drones) with an emphasis on next generation adaptive VI for solving complex problems. After the Skyllian Blitz, Bishop began transferring every other month to a new colony or ship as a way for him to better understand the specific problems facing teams in the Alliance, and thus, how he could refine and optimize systems to save lives.


Love these characters?  Make your voice heard in the RPG $upport Drive and bring them to life!

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