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Nerdy Show Network – Weekly Review: 1-7 March 2014

Posted by Trench on March 7, 2014

Community update 300It’s a Nerdy Show Community Update! A weekly review of the latest Nerdy Show happenings by Community Manager, Trench!

RPG Month is under way, with even more goodness coming soon! In keeping with the monthly theme, this month’s donation drive is another RPG One-Shot $upport Drive. In the event that you’re having trouble picking which RPG we should play, below is a list of all the Character Pitches from various personalities around the network. So if you aren’t partial to a particular system, but love listening to our RPG adventures, you can instead choose to back a character you’d like to hear played!

RPG 1-Shot Pitches:

Also, in the near future we’ll be interviewing the following:

Clare Evans – from the band YACHT, resurrected the legendary sci-fi magazine, OMNI
Neil Harbisson – the world’s first government recognized cyborg – he was number 3 on our top 20 list last year!
Mark Frauenfelder – Editor-in-chief of MAKE Magazine and co-editor for Boing Boing

If you’d like to submit a question to ask these awesome people, you can do so, here.  We’ve already spoken with David X Cohen, Executive Producer and writer of Futurama – look forward to his interview, coming Monday!

:: Nerdy Show ::


episode 168 300

Episode 168 :: Rolling Deep with Chamber Band

Chris and Asarr of Chamber band join Cap, Hex, Doug, and Josh to discuss the tabletop, gaming stories, and Pokémon of all things. Also covered is a Microsode topic requested by Nerdy Show listener, M: those aggressively competitive RPG players known as “munchkins”.

:: Flame ON! ::



Drag is the New Spandex 3 :: The Divine Grace

Oral, Bryan and Pat have a sit down with The Divine Grace!


Bathtime with Eric :: 3/3/14

Eric talks Wonder Woman, the death of Nightwing, and the latest in comic book films.

:: Wicked Anime ::


Wicked Anime Podcast 2

Episode 035 :: Con Story, Bro!

Jonathan, Andrew, James, Victoria, King Baby Duck Evan of the Boston Bastard Brigade and 42 Believer Sarah of 42’s Anime Reviews talk about what’s happening in anime and tell their best/worst con stories!


Wicked Anime :: Wicked Fast Early Review – Recently, My Sister is Unusual

:: The Real Congregation ::


The Real Congregation

The Ides Of Marc :: 03/04/14

Marc talks about 8-Tracks, a mysterious David Byrne album, and Captain Beefheart. He also returns to “the journey”, a trip through his record collection in alphabetical order. In the time that this episode was recorded, Marc was checking out the “Bu” through “Ca” portion.

–Coming Soon–

– Event Appearances –

MegaCon: March 21st-23rd in Orlando, Florida. Nerdy Show has an Indie Press Booth, #567, and a panel: Potions, Proton Packs, and Pokéballs: Adventures in Tabletop RPG Podcasting! March 22nd from 5:00pm – 5:50pm in Room 312

Space Coast Nerd Fest: April 12th in Melbourne, Florida. Nerdy Show has a booth and is looking to present the next nerdy Show LIVE as a panel!

Moogfest: April 23rd-27th in Asheville, North Carolina.

E3: June 10th-12th in Los Angeles, California.

Heroes Con: June 20th-22nd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

San Diego Comic Con: July 24th-27th in San Diego, California.

– Monthly Support Drive Events  –

Greg Weismanathon: Saturday, March 29th. Greg Weisman himself has given us a list of his works that are especially near and dear to him. Want to make a request? Post it in the forums here.

Call of Cthulhu RPG One-Shot: The recording is finished and there’s so much audio it’s maddening. The time of the Old Gods awakening draws near.

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