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Nerdy Show Network – Month in Review: March

Posted by Trench on March 28, 2014

Hey there Nerdy Show Fans! It’s a Nerdy Show Community Update! A weekly review of the latest Nerdy Show happenings by Community Manager, Trench!Community update 300

The last two weeks have been nuts, so I hope you’ll pardon my absence. Cap, Tony, and I manned the Nerdy Show booth at MegaCon last weekend with help from Doug and Hex. Kay was on scene with a table in Artist Alley and Jamela in puppet form) made her debut. Connecting with fans old and new with our siren’s song of RPG goodness was a blast. Space Coast Nerd Fest is up next in our list of con appearances and I’m looking forward to it.

This month’s RPG One-Shot $upport Drive is in it’s last days. Star Wreck and Shadowrun are locked in battle for the top with Firefly holding steady in 3rd place. In the event that you’re having trouble picking which RPG we should play, here is the link to the list of all the Character Pitches from various personalities around the network: RPG Character Pitches. If you aren’t partial to a particular system, but love listening to our RPG adventures, you can instead choose to back a character you’d like to hear played!

 –Coming Soon–

– Special Events  –

Greg Weismanathon: Saturday, April 5th. Greg Weisman himself has given us a list of his works that are especially near and dear to him. Want to make a request? Post it in the forums here.


– Convention/ Festival Appearances –

Space Coast Nerd Fest: April 12th in Melbourne, Florida. Nerdy Show has a booth and is putting on Nerdy Show LIVE with George Lowe – the voice of Space Ghost!

Moogfest: April 23rd-27th in Asheville, North Carolina.  Cap, Jon, Kristin, and Bryan will be covering the event! If you’re going – let us know!

E3: June 10th-12th in Los Angeles, California.  Video game coverage all week long!

Heroes Con: June 20th-22nd in Charlotte, North Carolina. Expect another LIVE installment of Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts!

San Diego Comic Con: July 24th-27th in San Diego, California.

:: Nerdy Show ::


episode 168 300ep169 300ep170 300ep171 300

Episode 168 :: Rolling Deep with Chamber Band
Episode 169 ::  Moogfest Bound with Futurama’s David X. Cohen
Episode 170 :: Nerdy Show Comic Show :: Questing with The Rat Queens
Episode 171 :: Moogfest Bound with YACHT & Omni’s Claire Evans

This month we interviewed rock outfit Chamber BandFuturama writer and Executive Producer David X. Cohen, Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch, the creative team behind Rat Queens, and Claire Evans, performer in the band YACHT and the Editor At-Large of Omni Reboot.

Web Comics:

A Comic Strip 10: Penis Joke

:: Wicked Anime ::


wicked anime podcast title card 1400

Episode 035 :: Con Story, Bro!
Episode 036 :: Dear Forums . . .

March was all about cons for Wicked A. They told Con horror stories, shared their own experiences and passed along lessons learned.


Hardcore Anime @ Anime Boston 2014
Wicked Fast Early Review – Recently, My Sister is Unusual

:: Flame ON! ::


Episode 51 :: Drag is the New Spandex 3 :: The Divine Grace
Episode 52 :: ImmoralOral

This month Flame ON! interviewed The Divine Grace,  and commented on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, HBO’s show Looking, the new season of Hannibal, and, as always, the latest in comic books and video games.

Video: Bathtime with Eric :: 3/3/14   

:: Ghostbusters: Resurrection ::


Episode 12: Vampire Ambassador

The Central Florida Ghostbusters continue their investigation in Vienna at the United Nations. They soon uncover a devious plot that threatens every ambassador, and perhaps the fate of the entire world! It’s all happening at the big gala, and not surprisingly, our heroes aren’t invited. Thankfully- no one knows how to crash a party like the Central Florida Ghostbusters

:: EPIC PIEcast ::

piecast redux

Episode 19 :: Mikal kHill from the Vaults

This month Nelson and Schaffer welcomed Charles Stunning as the newest snarkcaster to the show. She shared a touching story about the healing power of card tricks, Nelson told a harrowing tale of drug and background checks and Schaffer begrudgingly talked about his SXSW experience and his narrow escape from the law. They also interviewed nerdcore hip hop artist Mikal KHill.

:: The Real Congregation ::

real congregation 1400

The Ides Of Marc :: 03/04/14

Marc talks about 8-Tracks, a mysterious David Byrne album, and Captain Beefheart. He also returns to “the journey”, a trip through his record collection in alphabetical order. In the time that this episode was recorded, Marc was checking out the “Bu” through “Ca” portion.

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