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Episode 170 :: Nerdy Show Comic Show :: Questing with The Rat Queens

Posted by NerdyShow on March 17, 2014

ep170 300RPG Month continues!

Roleplaying is both a game and an exercise in creativity.  Those of us who roll the dice know, the imaginary action of a group of friends collaboratively adventuring brings was cooler action and bigger laughs than… well, any other medium really.  So it’s only natural that some gamers would take the raw fun of their tabletop adventures to their other creative outlets.  Enter: Rat Queens – a fantasy comic forged by the awesome fires of roleplaying featuring one of the coolest casts of ladies this side of Baldur’s Gate.

In this episode Cap, Tony, Aaron, Chan talk with Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch the creative team behind Rat Queens – discuss their roleplaying pasts both in pen and paper and video games, the actual RPG moments that worked their way into the book, the Cowboy Bebop-esque game Kurtis built atop an obscure James Bond roleplaying system, and more!  Also, we take on a requested Microsode topic from Fumanchuchu and discuss the roleplaying character creation process.




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