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Nerdy Show :: Season 1 Flashback :: 2/11/09

Posted by NerdyShow on February 11, 2014

season 1 300Celebrating Nerdy Show’s 5th anniversary – it’s a flashback to our first season in 2009!

This unnamed episode from February 11th, 2009 is our earliest recording; pulled from the ether by arcane magicks.  Cap, Mike, and Hex’s first show together is lost to time – never recorded – and this episode is possibly the second, third, or even fourth Nerdy Show recording.  Before this, Aaron had been co-hosting a show called Talk Nerdy to Me on WPRK, a college radio station in Winter Park, Florida. After a while, he got sick of it and pawned the gig off to Cap and Mike. A wild Hex appeared; and the rest is the stuff of legend.

In this episode, the original Nerdy Show trio are joined by Aaron who tells us about what he saw at New York Comic Con (which happened in February back then).  The crew talks about the latest happenings in nerd pop culture and saturate the Central Floridian radio waves with undiluted geek mirth. It was a simpler time… There’s dated references and old, downright historical, news including discussion about Mirror’s Edge, GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned, D-Pad Hero, the yet unreleased Ghostbusters video game and action figures, and Mike tells us how Street Fighter II‘s Blanka inspired him as a child.

This little podcast has come so far and my… what a journey it’s been.


  1. Level 7 :: 8-Bit Bandit
  2. This Gigantic Robot Kills :: MC Lars feat MC Bat Commander and Suburban Legends
  3. Permutation :: Nicole Adams featuring Starla
  4. Rokk Steady :: DJ RoboRob
  5. Your Body (is a world) (SLI Remix) :: Funky 49
  6. Less Than Three :: Shael Riley
  7. Maybe Luigi Wants to Fuck the Princess (Clanky Robo Job Gobs Remix) :: B-Type (Formerly Mister B)
  8. :: YTCracker
  9. My GF Is… :: Dual Core
  10. The Verses of Genesis :: MC Cheshire Grin
  11. Splash Stronger :: Ultraklystron



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