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VIDEO: Nerdapalooza 2013 – Full Performances, Interviews, & More

Posted by NerdyShow on January 26, 2014

 At long last! Relive Nerdapalooza 2013! [Click the above video’s playlist feature to browse all the videos.]

Nerdy Show streamed all three days of the festivities at last year’s Nerdapalooza including full concert sets and performer interviews. We’re happy to now present our stream featuring most of the Saturday and Sunday performances and segments: 26 performances, 15 interviews! Also included are Nerdy Show’s segments and rants hosted by Cap and Colin with special appearances from Lefty Lucy, boR, DJ Snorlax, Jonna, Matt Spill, and The All Nerds Crew.

Performers: Careless Juja, Emergency Pizza Party, Lords of Thunder, Runaway Five, My Parent’s Favorite Music, Beefy, Brental Floss, The One Ups, Marc with a C, Random Encounter, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, Death*Star, The Returners, Under Polaris, Sci-Fried, The Gekkos, Sammus, Urizen, DJ Roborob, Peelander Z, Dethlehem, Green Jello, MC Lars, Nerf Herder, and Powerglove

Interviews: Runaway Five, 9K1, Shinobi Ninja, My Parent’s Favorite Music, Urizen, The Protomen, The Returners, Under Polaris, Beefy, The Gekkos, Dethlehem, Sammus, Florida Foam Fighters AssociationMarc with a C, and Peelander Yellow

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