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Nerdy Show Network – Month in Review: January 2014

Posted by Trench on January 31, 2014

Community update 300Trench here, and have I got something for you. It’s a thing I’m going to start doing on a regular basis; every Friday I’ll post a recap of recent releases, just in case you missed something, and then I’ll give you a heads up about what’s coming.

Most Fridays will cover the events of the previous and following week. The last Friday of every month will be slightly different. I’ll do a recap of the month, and get into Nerdy Show’s extended schedule.  The farther out I go though, the less certain things are. Perfect example is MegaCon; we’ve submitted for a panel, but we’ve yet to receive confirmation that we’ll have one. As a result, I’ll likely stick to the events of the following month so I don’t get your hopes up for things that might not happen.

Today just so happens to be the last Friday in January, so lets get to it!

:: Nerdy Show ::

The Podcasts:

brandonmorphs 300  ep164 300  ep165 300

Nerdy Show talks about the latest books they’re reading and interviews Animorphs and BZRK author, Michael Grant, discusses the latest rumors about the new Star Wars, reviews Universal’s recent Harry Potter event, and more!


Nerdy Show’s streaming coverage of the Nerdapalooza 2013 performances plus artist interviews and live discussions finally debuts online! Re-live the event!

Web Comics:

Nerdy Show’s first web comic series, Nerdy Strip, returns as A Comic Strip!


:: Wicked Anime ::

The Podcasts:

The latest in anime news, reviews, and Japanese culture!



:: Flame On! ::

The Podcasts:

Dan Parent 300  FlameOn_Ep48_Reignite_thumbnail

Flame On interview Dan Parent, creator of the first gay comic character in Archie comics: Kevin Keller, and review the latest in nerdy and gay pop culture.


Introducing Bathtime with Eric! (Or re-introducing if you’re an old shcool A Comic Show viewer.) Flame On’s Eric talks about the latest in nerdy pop culture while in a warm bubble bath.



:: EPIC PIEcast ::

Schaffer’s on tour, so Nelson is joined by stand-in co-host Charles Stunning of Afterbirth Monkey and speak with award winning story teller Peter Aguero.

The Podcast:


:: Derpy Show ::

upcharge_sm  derpyroadshow

Strap in and lube up, but make sure your wallet is full, because there may be hidden upgrade fees!

:: Atomic Robo Nuts & Bolts ::

After long publishing delays for Atomic Robo, Volume 8 finally concludes and we’ve got the creator commentary to go along with it!

The Podcasts:

robo8_4 300  robo8_5 300


Cap and Doug from Nerdy Show do a dramatic reading of the famous Robo short story.

Coming soon in February…

February is shaping up to be pretty exciting.

February 8th we have a panel with comic author Charles Soule. If you’re an Orlando local you can be in the audience, or you can watch the show online live at starting at 2pm EST. Learn more about the event and RSVP here.

February 12th we celebrate Nerdy Show’s 5th Anniversary by recording a panel-style competition between Nerdy Show hosts and special guests. If you’re an Orlando local you can RSVP here, and it’ll be up online shortly afterward.

Last but not least we’re soon to see the return of Dungeons & Doritos as a new season starts in Book III. Want a preview? Check out some of the original score for the new episode here.

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