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Posted by Trench on January 28, 2014

Community update 300By now you’ve probably listened to the most recent episode of Nerdy Show and heard Cap’s announcement about me becoming Nerdy Show’s Community Manager. I stumbled across Nerdy Show back in late October of 2009 after Brian posted links to Dungeons & Doritios and the Server of Awesome on Nuklear Power. If someone had told me back then that I would end up being offered the chance to be Nerdy Show’s Community Manager I would have told them they were full of shit. And now here we are. Kind of having a hard time containing myself. Really looking forward to working with everyone and joining in on making Nerdy Show as awesome as it can be.

Most of you know me by my internet handle: Trench88. My actual name is Matt Benson. However, given that Nerdy Show’s Star Wars Correspondent Matt Spill has been around longer, I’m more than fine with being called Trench. I went to High School with six other guys also named Matt, so I’m used to going by something other than my given name.

Before moving to Orlando and becoming Nerdy Show’s Community Manager I was a Sergeant in the United States Army. During the six and half years I was on active duty I spent time as an Infantryman in Virginia, Texas, Germany and Afghanistan. Now, there’s obviously not much call for the vast majority of the technical skills I learned as an infantryman, but as a result of my time in the military I view things I’ve never done before as challenges; opportunities to learn new things and chances to better myself. I also really hate half-assing things, so rest assured that I’m going to bust my ass being the best Community Manager that I can be. Though, in the off chance there’s ever cause for Nerdy Show to tactically enter and secure a building, I’ve got that shit covered.

Given that I’ve been a member of it for some time now, I know that Nerdy Show has a great community and I’m psyched for the chance to help it grow into something even bigger and better.

Got some input for me? Hit me at

Trench smallI can also be found on twitter and tumblr, though those are mostly my attempts at summoning elder gods by channeling negativity into cyberspace.

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Nefarious Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace, Trench is Nerdy Show's Community Manager. He can be reached at

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