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Gazeteers: Handmade She-Geek Gift Guide

Posted by NerdyShow on December 1, 2013


This Gazetteers article welcomes a new contributor: Allison Franks, mastermind behind jewelry, creator of creepy, cute jewelry since 2008. Some of her passions include: Tank Girl, Sailor Moon, Kewpie Dolls, Lolita and Gothic fashions, horror movies, comic books, video games and My Little Pony.


When shopping for friends and loved ones it’s always important to support our local handmade artisans. Don’t you think? Plus, it makes things feel a lot more personal. So in support of Small Business Saturday we’d like to present you with some of our favorite handmade holiday suggestions. Each and every once of these unique creations is 100% handmade BY she geeks FOR she geeks. Isn’t that nifty? But just cause it’s girly doesn’t mean you have to be a woman to appreciate it. Anyone can enjoy these items! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


For Buffy fans:

Vampire Slayer Perfume Roll-on

Now you can smell just like your favorite vampire slayer! Amy Malone of Fantasy Fiend Perfumes has been creating her own unique perfume scents (for both men and women) for just over a year now. Her etsy business is based out of Crofton, KY and she is a super sweet personal to deal with. I have purchased several of her perfumes now and am always amazed and impressed by her ability to combine these ingredients in just the right way. Me? I’m a bit picky about the way I smell and at first buying perfume online seemed impossible, but Amy was always there to assist me and answer all of my funny little questions as they arose. Plus, I love how these aren’t your average perfumes. You can’t go to the store and buy something called “The Haunting” inspired by a love-torn ghost or “Werewolf” a cologne for men inspired by True Blood. Nope! Fantasy Fiend Perfumes is one of a kind!

Available at Fantasy Fiend Perfumes!

il_570xN.525961096_9nqwFor Pokemon fans:

Pokemon Glass Bottle Necklace

I’ve always had a soft spot for Pokemon. Partly because they are really, really cute, but also because I remember all the hours I spent immersed in the red and blue Pokemon games way back when. But being able to capture your favorite Pokemon characters and keep them close to your heart all day? I didn’t know this could be made a reality until I found Glitz Couture. Currently run out of Honolulu, HI – Glitz Couture is operated by the lovely Mimi; a girl after my own heart. Her shop carries everything from Sailor Moon to Fruits Basket and she takes custom order requests as well! I now own 3 of these Pokemon necklaces and I still want more!

Available at Glitz Couture!


il_570xN.532117536_lii2For Horror fans:

8-Bit Jason Voorhees Nintendo Inspired Stud Dangle Earrings

There is only one word needed to describe Pink Pandemonium: AWESOME!! Run out of Sacramento, CA by the amazing Lesley, Pink Pandemonium specializes in outrageous custom jewelry and handbags. I have been a devoted fan of her shop since I found out about it a few years back and I just can’t get enough! She’s got everything from Tales to the Crypt to Adventure Time to Breaking Bad all with a horrifying twist. Granted she makes some cutesy things every now and again too, but her best work is bloody, morbid and horrifying. So if you know someone looking to spice up their life with candified horrors this is just the place you’ve been searching for.

Available at Pink Pandemonium!


il_570xN.533478044_c8evFor My Little Pony fans:

My Little Pony Christmas Ornaments

Looking to spruce up your Christmas tree or apartment? Then you need to check out Burrito Princess. Based out of West Virginia, Burrito Princess specializes in funky 8-bit themed decorations for your home. She has everything from ornaments to picture frames available in her etsy shop featuring everyone from Mario to Scott Pilgrim.

Available at Burrito Princess!


il_570xN.437226278_2jqsFor Alcoholics (or just drink enthusiasts):

Dr. Who Flying TARDIS Light Blue Champagne Flute Set

Do you love beverages? Then you, best hit up fellow-Gazetteer Kristin’s shop: Illuminated Lion. Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and run by Kristin Frenzel Illuminated Lion creates custom glassware for fans of the bizarre and nerdom in general. From kitties to Twin Peaks, Illuminated Lion is there to spruce up your dinner table with eye catching conversation starters. I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy a pint out of a Totoro glass?

Available at Illuminated Lion!

That wraps up this week’s edition of the Ultimate She Geek Buying Guide. Hope you enjoyed it and found some cool things to buy for yourself or share with your friends and family!

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