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The Real Congregation :: The Original Side Of Weird Al Yankovic :: 10/15/13

Posted by MarcWithaC on October 15, 2013

The Real CongregationOn this episode of The Real Congregation, Marc With a C delves into the delightfully bizarre world of “Weird Al” Yankovic. But, we’re not gonna dwell on “White and Nerdy”, “Eat It”, and “Amish Paradise”. Those tracks are wonderful, but c’mon, that stuff is for n00b’s.

Instead, we’re delving into the uncharted waters of Sir Yankovic’s original material. It turns out that his self-penned tunes can more than hold their own against his more well known skewering of pop culture classics.

Plus, Marc weighs in on the age-old “Albuquerque” versus “Dick’s Automotive” debate and asks your opinion. Listen to this episode 27 times!


  1. Frank’s 2000″ TV :: Weird Al Yankovic
  2. Dog Eat Dog :: Weird Al Yankovic
  3. Why Does This Always Happen To Me? :: Weird Al Yankovic
  4. One More Minute :: Weird Al Yankovic
  5. Happy Birthday :: Weird Al Yankovic
  6. School Cafeteria :: Weird Al Yankovic
  7. Truck Drivin’ Song :: Weird Al Yankovic
  8. Good Old Days :: Weird Al Yankovic
  9. Everything You Know Is Wrong :: Weird Al Yankovic
  10. Pancreas :: Weird Al Yankovic
  11. Generic Blues :: Weird Al Yankovic
  12. Skipper Dan :: Weird Al Yankovic
  13. You Don’t Love Me Anymore :: Weird Al Yankovic
  14. Nature Trail To Hell :: Weird Al Yankovic



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I was born at a very young age. After that, I made a lot of records. Used to host The Real Congregation for Nerdy Show. Now I just sort of pop up when needed, and I'm the general manager for Nerdy.FM, our 24/7 radio station dedicated solely to nerdy music! Also, still making records.

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