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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: TMNT and Mouse Guard

Posted by NerdyShow on September 20, 2013

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesThere’s so many awesome systems contending against one another in the RPG $upport Drive.  Each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure and a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network. As the drive enters its final week, some of the hosts have put together character bios for who they’d play if the system of their choosing wins!  First up is Doug (of Nerdy Show and Ghostbusters: Resurrection) with his character pitch for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness and Channing (of Derpy Show and Paranoia-XP) with a short origin story for his Mouse Guard character.

Things have taken a surprising turn in the $upport Drive.  As of this posting, Call of C’thulhu sits as supreme overlord of all the systems and the unreleased Dungeons & Doritos episode has been unlocked. There’s a little over a week to go, and a few hundred dollars to the stretch goal of outtakes and deleted bits from the aforementioned D&D.  Even with a clear lead, there’s a good chance that the battle isn’t over.  Will C’thulhu wage war with Firefly, Star Wreck and Dresden Files? Can a last minute contender swoop in?  It could happen, just look at how Star Wreck rose from obscurity just by fan rallying.

Doug :: TMNT & Other Strangeness

My character is a “teenage mutant” kung-fu monkey named Virgil.

He was an early test subject at TCRI when they first developed the ooze. Once Virgil became self aware, he played down his intelligence around humans in order to formulate an escape plan. Finally, after months of careful planning, he got loose and fled into the streets of NYC. Although he was getting bigger and more intelligent, he could still pass as a “normal” monkey (a slightly large one, at least) to the average person.

He was finally “rescued” by a kung-fu master who was visiting the States to attend his late brother’s funeral. The kung-fu master took Virgil with him back to China, where he eventually trained him in secret. Years later, his Master was assassinated because of his knowledge of the Foot Clan (through his late brother). Virgil swears to avenge his “father,” and returns to the U.S. He’s knowledgeable in many forms of kung fu, and in unarmed combat and wielding double mallets.

Channing ::  Mouse Guard

Garen was a young peasant who grew up in a field just south of the great mouse city of Lockhaven. After seeing so many guardsmice traveling on the road, he became inspired to join the Mouse Guard. Garen would pretend his pitchfork was a sword and practice every day, in between his chores of course. One day, while piling the hay, he heard a terrible shriek. It belonged to the girl who lived down the lane. Pitchfork in hand, Garen ran down the road only to see the young girl pinned to the ground by a large wolf spider wearing the colors of the Wolf Spider King. Not knowing what else to do, the young mouse sprinted forward as fast as he could and dug his fork into the ground, vaulting the mouse onto the spider’s back. As the beast thrashed and yelled, attempting to buck young Garen, he clung tightly to the spider’s wiry black hairs.

“If’n you want to keep yer eyes, Spider, you’ll leave this field!” threatened Garen, his hands reaching for one of the beast’s eight eyes.

“I yield!” hissed the eight-legged wolf before skittering away from the farm girl.

Satisfied, Garen hopped off before scrambling for his pitchfork.

“It’s too bad I lied!” spoke the terrible hissing spider as it leapt forward onto Garen. His momentum was stopped as several arrows flew straight into his path, dropping the beast at the mouse’s feet. Three guardmice rode up on their stoats, more arrows notched. Seeing the beast was beginning to curl, two of the guards attended to the sobbing farm girl. One with a red cloak approached our hero.

Garen stood, pulling his pitchfork from the ground.

“Wow… I-I’ve never met a guard before.”

The guard smiled, “And I’ve never met such a young mouse who would fight a spider before. Have you ever thought of training in Lockhaven? I’d love to see you to trade that fork for a proper tool.”

From that question, Garen’s life became a whirlwind as he was swept away to join the Mouse Guard. However, he never did trade in his fork; Courage, as that trident soon became called, stayed by his side.

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