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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: Star Wreck & Gamma World

Posted by NerdyShow on September 24, 2013

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesThere’s so many awesome systems contending against one another in the RPG $upport Drive. Each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure and a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network. As the drive enters its final week, some of the hosts have put together character bios for who they’d play if the system of their choosing wins! Check out the previous character pitches for a slew of different systems in the running.

Here’s two new pitches from Josh La Forge (of Ghostbusters: Resurrection) and John Sebastian La Valle (Nerdy Show’s Live Programming Director) for Gamma World and Star Wreck!

John La Valle :: Star Wreck

Brad is Half-Human and Half-Vulgar. This intriguing commander got top rankings among his graduating class at the Academy; Straight D+’s.  A published Christian Scientist, he’s been published in all of the major science journals: The WatchtowerChristian Science Monitor, and Heretics Weekly – a publication extensively covering material from cultures deemed unclean by devout Vulgars.

Brad never strays from his unique brand of logic, whether its the pacifism of the Vulgars or the haphazard tactics of the Humans – Truly a man of both worlds.  He’s always the voice of reason, especially when the Captain has lost his faith. He helps make all of the important decisions.  For example, when investigating the galaxy’s largest space monster he safely tested the situation by sending out an away team of nonbelievers armed with nothing but snappy red shirts and a prayer (should they find the correct faith in time).  And of course when encountering an energy being claiming to be a god, it was Brad that opened it’s eyes to the truth of the One God, and repent – throwing itself into a lake of fire.  Or at least that’s how Brad tells it.

Josh La Forge :: Gamma World

[This character was rolled into being, as Gamma World dictates]

Star Child erupted from his mother six months ago in a seedy bar called The Geiger Countertop. Whereas normal newborns open their mouths to wail, the mouth on his hydrocephalic dome opened and loosed a howl that drove hardened men from their minds. He hungered for knowledge the way most babies hunger for a full teat. Those drunken survivors that had retained their sanity soon had their thoughts pulled from them in a psychic vortex. Star Child had gained lifetimes of images at once, and he found them wanting.

Six months later, Star Child does his best to emulate social interaction, though he doesn’t speak conventionally.  Instead, he communicates purely through telepathy in the deep, buttery voice of Orson Welles. His origin is unknown to him, having destroyed his mother at his birth. Surely he is the product of divine providence. He has knowledge but not experience. He knows he’s destined for great things once his pathetic form matures. Until then, an unseen telekinetic hand carries his swaddled body and oversized, pulsing cranium through the wastelands as he searches for more minds to join to his own forever.

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