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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: Mass Effect

Posted by NerdyShow on September 23, 2013

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesThere’s so many awesome systems contending against one another in the RPG $upport Drive. Each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure and a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network. As the drive enters its final week, some of the hosts have put together character bios for who they’d play if the system of their choosing wins! Last week we heard Doug and Channing’s pitches for TMNT and Mouse Guard, now we hear from Colin (of Nerdy Show and Dungeons & Doritos) and Adam (of Ghostbusters: Resurrection) sharing who they’d play if the fan-created Mass Effect RPG were to win.

A Mass Effect game with the mischief-maker behind Barty from D&D and the Ghostbuster who wrestles spectral tigers in the nude… What could go wrong?

Colin :: Mass Effect

Playing as: Halen Voss – Volus Sharpshooter

Halen grew up on the Turian homeworld of Palaven.  Raised by an Ex-CSec Turian  commander who could never have a child of his own.  How Halen came into the custody of his guardian, he does not know, but he longs to discover his origins and how he became a part of ‘palaven-clan’.  His father raised him as a Turian warrior, however Halen’s physical limitations and constant need to be contained within a cumbersome suit halted his progression.

When Halen was old enough to apply to the military academy, his mental acuity and tactical strategy scores were unmatched in his testing groups, but when it came to the physical tests, he couldn’t pass muster.  Attempted application to numerous schools and institutions always ended with the same result.  After being denied application to even the lowest Turian military school, Halen had to give up his quest to become a dutiful warrior for the Turian empire.  All seemed lost, when he was approached by Colonel Adrien Victus, who admired his tenacity, and believed he had a spot for Halen in his retinue, promising personal instruction with his son, Tarquin, when his duties were complete.

Under Colonel Victus’ unorthodox tutelage, Halen discovered a pension for long ranged weaponry.  Always being around guns, he was comfortable with small arms and short ranged shotguns that his father kept at their home, but he never held a sniper rifle in his hands until Colonel Victus put one there.

Halen has since become one of the strongest sharpshooters in the Turian military, utilizing his altered suit, he can see great distances and be stationary for seemingly endless amounts of time.  His strong tactical ability has granted him a flawless success record on all of his missions, but he secretly fears being discovered and overcome–his suit has become his greatest asset and his greatest weakness.

Adam :: Mass Effect

Playing as: Benjamin Sanders – N7 Slayer Vanguard

Benjamin is a member of Creatlach Squad.  Quick to anger and even quicker to attack, he frequently gets himself into dangerous situations.  Using his monomolecular blades and impressive biotic abilities he is a blur on the battlefield – teleporting in, laying waste, and quickly escaping.

Born in Upstate New York, he joined the Alliance military at the youngest possible age.  His superiors quickly noticed his talent with biotics and in combat survival tests he lasted through punishment that would have killed most others – he was a shoo-in for the N1 program.  Ben speedily rose from N1 to N6 before the appearance of the traitor Saren and the Geth.  After several critical missions which he completed as the lone survivor, he was inducted into N7 training and became a Slayer. His aptitude for channeling enormous biotic power was incredible, his recklessness and bloodlust made him all the more dangerous.

The Reaper Invasion only served to further stoke the rage in him. Ben’s parents were killed in the initial attack, he watched his friends and squadmates get slaughtered.  Now he only wants revenge – putting him at odds with his Squad, some of the few remaining N7 soldiers in the galaxy.

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