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RPG 1-Shot Character Pitches: Firefly & Shadowrun

Posted by NerdyShow on September 25, 2013

rpg 1shotcharacter pitchesThere’s so many awesome systems contending against one another in the RPG $upport Drive. Each RPG 1-Shot represents a totally unique adventure and a unique cast of hosts from the Nerdy Show Network. For the final week of the drive, some of the hosts have put together character bios for who they’d play if the system of their choosing wins! Check out the previous character pitches for a slew of different systems in the running.

Behold the final two host pitches for the drive:  Brandon (of Nerdy Show and Pokéballs of Steelix) and Adam (of Ghostbusters: Resurrection) for Sagas Modern and Firefly!

Brandon :: Shadowrun

Grundle Taint is a 3 meter tall cybernetically enhanced Troll with 2 problems. One, he has no memory of his past. Two, he only has one year left to live. Using his limited vocabulary, due to being a ridiculously stupid Troll, he has given himself a name and has attempted to figure out what happened to him by participating in illegal activities known as Shadow Runs. Where did his cybernetic enhancements come from? Why does he know he has a single year of life left? Will he be smart enough to figure anything out? Probably not. But, he loves to smash things with obscene overkill and, when he can remember, use his cybernetic enhancements to become extremely smart for a very short period of time.

Adam :: Firefly

Roger Sinclair joined the Unification War at 15, and fought on the side of the Browncoats.  He fought at Serenity Valley and was one of the few to escape with his life.  When the war ended in 2511, Sinclair, now 20, joined the Alliance Military. Well-versed in espionage, he became Black Ops and was assigned missions to bring rogue Browncoats still operating as independents to justice.  During his time in training, he never forgot where his true allegiances lie.  Instead, he used this opportunity to sabotage Alliance missions and disrupt operations that would otherwise have captured those he called allies.

Trained extensively in melee combat, Sinclair prefers to strike quickly, suddenly and with horrific violence to instill fear into his enemies.  He is one of the few people to know the Reavers and fight them.  He never speaks of that day. It’s been a struggle, being a ghost of vengeance in the Alliance’s war machine, but Sinclair has succeeded in neutralizing noteworthy Alliance military leaders undetected. He waits – preparingfor the right moment to strike and to continue his lonely, bloody revolution.

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