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Nerdy Show Prime: Mighty Mega Men

Posted by NerdyShow on September 23, 2013


Mighy Mega Proto Final 300Featuring interviews with The Protomen, Capcom’s Brett Elston, and Charlie from Fangamer!

Big things are brewing in the fandom of everyone’s favorite blue robot. Capcom Unity just announced a musical olive branch to the Mega Man community with two albums of Mega music – including new music by your favorite robot-themed nerd rockers and rappers, as well as Over-Clocked Remix.  And what’s more – Keiji Inafune, the man behind the helm of countless fan favorite Mega Man titles, is back with is own robot boy: Mighty No. 9!  The new game is on Kickstarter and is already one of the biggest fan-funded games of all-time.

We talk with Brett Elston, Community Manager at Capcom Unity: the brain behind the forthcoming Mega Man albums, Charlie Verdin of Fangamer:  the amazing merch-smiths who are lending their skills to Mighty No. 9, and Murphy, Commander, and Panther of The Protomen: the Mega Man-inspired post apocalyptic rockers caught between both projects.  We discuss the new Protomen track, get hints at the secret of their other tracks on the record, and other juicy details about the Capcom albums, as well as the Protos’ theoretical involvement with Mighty No. 9.  What’s more, Charlie talks new Mighty No. 9 merch details, reveals Brutal Legend merch by Fangamer, and hints to some big Earthbound and Pokémon related releases in the future.

Join Cap, Brandon, Jonna, Doug, and Josh as they share their favorite Robot Masters, why we love Mega Man, drop some truth-bombs about Neil Young, and discusses Inafune-san’s awesome-looking new game.  This episode started life as a Microsode requested by Arkais and grew Mega-sized.  Thanks, dude!


  1. Literally Metal Pirates :: Benjamin Briggs
  2. A Long Nightmare :: Yoga Fire!
  3. Beards Going Nowhere :: The Protomen
  4. Mighty No. 9 Theme :: Manami Matsumae
  5. Mega Man 2 :: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO


What was that music “thing in October.. with a bunch of bands I wanna see” Brett was talking about? Why, it’s NERDAPALOOZA!leaderboard

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Protomen Links:


Fangamer Links:


Mega Man Links:


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  • Speaking of Mutant League, I also recall another game on a similar vein, Basewarz, which was obviously baseball, with cyborg/robots with missiles and bombs and such.

    On the Mega Man comic, It is freaking awesome. A very well done and respectful treatment of the source material. Ian Flynn also put some Megas and Protomen references in as well.

  • My favorite robot master I’d say is Snake Man, one of my favorite bgms of all time, and he has a really cool style.
    Worst robot master period is Aqua Man from 8.

    Mega Man 1 and 9 rms were built by Dr. Light for industrial work. MM2 were specifically meant for revenge. 3 were co-built by Wily and Light for obtaining materials to create the Gamma. 4: built by Dr. Cossack (possibly for industrial work as well, it is debated). The MM6 RMs are representatives of various countries in a robot tournament (Gaijin Goomba has a very nice 2part analysis on the game).

    • Cap

      That’s all really cool. I had no idea about that stuff. Clearly none of us are true Mega Masters. That’s some awesome wisdom you’ve imparted!

      • I like to style myself a Mega Man-iac, we could get into some lengthy discussion on other stuff at another time if you want.

  • Thanks for the Backstory info OmniG. ‘Megaman’ was my password as a kid for when adults other than your parents picked you up from sports or school events. Big fan of the episode.

    However, my original reason for posting here:
    From Canada,
    Neil Young forever.
    You’re welcome,
    P.S. Sorry.

  • This FAN MADE version of Neil Young’s “We R in Control” video is a lot more fun than the one with the static pic that was linked above…..

    Glad to hear the Protomen are getting some Neil-inspiration….

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