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Lefty & Jamela :: Beauty & the Beast 5

Posted by Cat on September 17, 2013

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Lefty & Jamela are back!  Dungeons & Doritos‘ salacious Dragonborn and nifty pirate queen have finally returned to continue their musical spree on the Isle of Mages. Maybe some reintroductions are in order…

How long will the comic be back before our schedules again implode and we have to interrupt service?  No idea!  But keep an eye out on Tuesdays for new strips!

Show the artists some love:

Don’t follow Dungeons & Doritos? No worries! You’ll be able to follow Lefty & Jamela no problem! But, if you’re curious, we recommend starting at Book II (Episode 11) to get to know the characters. This series takes place during their two week stay on the Isle of Mages between episodes 14 and 15.

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