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Giant Monster Sitcom: How I Met Your Mothra

Posted by NerdyShow on September 7, 2013

Met your Mothra 300This past Summer, we dove headfirst into the world of giant monsters and their natural enemies in our episode “How I Met Your Mothra“. We interviewed some way cool guests, discussed kaiju history, their effect on pop culture, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.  But we also played some clips from the same long-forgotten sitcom we named our episode after.  Now you can enjoy the entire How I Met Your Mothra sitcom episode, featuring Marc With A C’s original title theme – available for download below!

Join hapless dad Godzilla and sassy mom, Mothra as they try to keep their all-monster family from destroying everything in sight.  With kid brother Gigan falling in with the wrong crowd, big sis Gyaos stressing over the Junior Social, and King Ghidorah coming over for dinner – tensions are high! Nothing that a visit from Uncle Gamera and the always-loveable antics of baby Minilla can’t cure. It’s 30 stories of nuclear laughs, and it’s a mouse click away.


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