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Derpy Show :: Episode 33 :: BEEKFEST at tiffinyana’s

Posted by NerdyShow on September 27, 2013

beekfast_smCome on in for BEEKFEST at tiffinyana’s where the beaks are “cheep” and the rest are festering!

Listen in as Neofaust dusts off his guitar and lays down a few groovy tunes for the guys to derp out to. boR gets re-pissed about upcoming reboots of Short Circuit and Stargate, while DJ Snorlax robo-rages over Robocop. Speculation abounds about the World of Warcraft movie and its most likely terrible plot. Witness the gang’s plan when they learn that Professor Shyguy is in town. It’s just one abduction later before Shyguy is forced to answer their nagging questions about his career and PF Chang’s.

All this and so much less on another episode on Derpy Show!

boR, DJ Snorlax, Neofaust

Special Guest Derp:

Professor Shyguy – Like him on Facebook



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