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Derpy Show :: Episode 32 :: Huffin’ and Drinkin’

Posted by NerdyShow on September 13, 2013

huffdrink_SMOn this most devious and depraved episode of Derpy Show, the gang delves into the land of forbidden sex moves, and gas station drug paraphernalia. Since it’s dangerous to go alone, they took a vile concoction of orange-based wine called Mad Dragon with them.  Gaining inspiration from the upcoming F2P MMO Everquest Next, they stumble through the human psyche and provide commentary on our attention spans, a popular children’s song with gory origins, Rusty Venture’s pop music career, and more vaginas than you can swing a floppy dildo at. All this and more, on this weeks crazy episode of Derpy Show!


boR, DJ Snorlax, Neofaust, RoboJoe

Guest Derps:

  • Miss Terri Guest
  • Doctor Misses the Dirty Hipster



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