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Pokéballs of Steelix :: Episode 5 :: All Washed Up!

Posted by NerdyShow on August 7, 2013


pokeballs5 300Pokéballs of Steelix is our Pokémon RPG podcast!

Our Pokétrainers have cleaned up Pewter City, and now Pewter City is going to expunge the last piece of trash soiling up its fair streets: our Pokétrainers!

After a nightmarish and near-fatal encounter with organized Pokécrime, the team are in need of some TLC whether they like it or not! Return to Kanto with troubled teen Martin, the irritable Jumanji, Tark the wildboy, and the filth-caked Jamesy. Their quest is unclear, their companion lost, but there’s a 1/8192 chance of this story having a shiny lining. New Pokémon, some unexpected advice from an unlikely source, and the secret of Professor Ketchum’s egg revealed!

Plus… Don’t forget Hex’s Toxard competition!  Draw us some Toxards and send ’em to


  1. Game On  ::  Fishy
  2. Pokedollar Millionaire  ::  1-UP Creative Mind Frame




Nerdy Show’s Pokémon Character Sheets [Updated 8/2013]:

Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark


Pokémon Tabletop Links:

  • Great episode! any chance hex’s dm too will be made public, could be useful for my own campaign. I will also be stealing some of Hex’s ideas

    • Cap

      Good question! I don’t know if @Hex‘s GM materials are anything that’s easily repostable. If so it would be cool, but I can’t say. Hex?

      • Hex

        Hurm, let me see if I can make it an embeddable app that I can just plug in somewhere for people to freely use…

        • Cool! thanks man you are awesome

  • Hilarious stuff! Not sure if intentional or Arceus’ will that Martin ended up with a pokemon ripe for masturbation jokes. Either way, excited to see more antics in the future.

  • Wait, so the Pokecenter as the technology to fix Sir-Burns-a-lot’s eye, but not Martin’s? or Did they just not think of it?

    • Cap

      That’s a very good question… @Hex?

      Personally I like to think that Sir Burns-a-Lot’s eye was “fixed” within the realm of any veterinary services. It hadn’t been treated before, so it’s now scarred up and at least partially blind. But not infected! (yay?)

  • Gintarazimu

    When is the next? If ever?

    • capblackard

      Early next year! We’re bringing Pokéballs back as a regular series. In order to continue we had to do some extensive housekeeping, beginning with changing the system. The homebrew system we were using stopped being updated and was replaced with a better system, but we’ve had to adapt the new system to take on some character classes that didn’t carry over. Also Hex has stepped down as GM and our Community Manager, Trench is taking over. We want to be sure when we announce the return of Pokéballs it’ll be locked into a regular release schedule that fans can count on.

      We talk some Pokéballs behind the scenes stuff in this video:

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