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Episode 148 :: Microsode 2-Pack – Plant-Based Characters & LEGOs

Posted by NerdyShow on July 8, 2013


Oh snap!  Is that a LEGO piece or a tree branch you’ve stepped on? Either or! ep 148 300  ‘Cause you’ve stumbled on another Microsode 2-Pack! Cap and Hex announce Nerdy Show LIVE, discuss what’s new about Nerdapalooza 2013, and serve up two radically different, bite-sized episodes mashed together with some creamy cookie filling for your podcast nomjoyment.

First up, Cap and Tony are joined by the Ghostbusters: Resurrection crew Doug, Josh, Adam, and Nina for a discussion on plant-based heroes and villains brought to you by BigBadShadowMan. Who are the chlorophyllic culprits and why aren’t there as many tree hugging heroes to stop them?  Will your favorite fictional ficus get mentioned? How do the Lightning Dogs factor into this?

Next up, Trench88 asks us to discuss the building blocks of life: LEGO. Cap, Colin, and Brandon travel to the darkest Denmark to discover fascinating truths and lies about the multicolored mega-corp that’s been rocking our worlds since we (allegedly) passed the safe age for choking hazards.


  1. Mean Green Mother  ::  Little Shop of Horrors
  2. Chat my Name :: Nerdcore International feat. Beefy, Marilyn Louise, and The Ranger




Plant links:

LEGO links:

  • really enjoyed the episode.
    I did find it fun that you didn’t mentioned the most common plant baddy the piranha plant

    I had an idea of plant-based character for Lighting Dogs if you like to hear it

  • Plant Man was a lame rip off of Woodman (seriously his weapon was Plant Barrier, which only spun around him and didn’t launch). I could also include Old Man Willow from Fellowship of the Ring, whom sung a siren’s song to bring hobbits in to eat. Or perhaps the various incarnations of Yggdraisil in video games.

  • One thing I was mad about that LEGO did was replace BIONICLE with that Hero Factory thing…

  • Just looked up “Thing from Another World” after hearing it mentioned in the podcast and found the whole movie posted here!

    • Cap

      Good find dude! Gotta check that out.

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