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Episode 147 :: Summer Blockbusters So Far…

Posted by NerdyShow on July 1, 2013

ep 147 300Ah, the summer blockbuster… Every big studio competing in no-holds-barred thrill-rides, filled with explosions, and sporting price tags in the hundreds of millions. The stakes are always high, and the film quality is dubious at best.  In this episode of Nerdy Show, we sound off about the nerdiest of the summer blockbusters so far: Star Trek: Into Darkness, World War Z, and Man of Steel (we did Iron Man 3 already).

Join Cap, Hex, Colin, and Doug as we share what we loved, what we loathed, and our expectations for the rest of the summer. You can bet your Betazoids we’ve got some critiques of how these films adapted their respective source material.  And for those movies that we took issue with, we’ve got a few informed ideas of what they should’ve done instead. All this and an announcement about something new and big from Nerdy Show.  Grab your over-priced popping corn and syrupy sippy gulp, there’s podcasting to be done.


  1. Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons  ::  Warp 11
  2. No One Likes Superman Anymore :: Shael Riley
  3. I’ll Form the Head  ::  MC Frontalot feat. Zealous One and Dr. Awkward


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