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Derpy Show :: Episode 29 :: Neofaust’s Prison Burrito

Posted by NerdyShow on July 19, 2013

neofaust's prison burrito smPlug in and listen as Neofaust gets drunk on root beer and high on brownies and argues with DJ Snorlax about who has the best historical “power ‘stache”. While discussing in-app purchases, boR wonders what holodecks would be like if we had them today. Has DJ Snorlax devolved to a point where he can only communicate online with the aid of YouTube videos? Other things that happen include RoboJoe getting food sickness and needing tech support, the gang gushes over Kaiju and Pacific Rim, and the return of the TRAIN BREAK!

DJ Snorlax, boR, Neofaust

Guest Derps:
Doctor Misses the Dirty Hipster


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