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RPG 1-SHOT :: Paranoia XP

Posted by NerdyShow on June 26, 2013

paranoia 300Don your jumpsuit and keep your Commie ramblings at bay, ’cause Nerdy Show is journeying deep, deep into the recesses of Alpha Complex for a fan-requested RPG 1-shot: Paranoia XP!


Yes, because you demanded it, the Nerdy Show crew has braved one of the most beloved sci-fi tabletops of all-time.  Where no one is what they seem and everyone is a TRAITOR! Where Friend Computer and Secret Societies rule all! Where your life means nothing! …At least until the clones run out. It’s a roleplaying system that discourages reading rules and toys with your perceptions.  Perfect for our inaugural descent into 1-shot RPG madness!

It’s an all-star cast from across the Network featuring Cap and Brandon of Nerdy Show as Hunter-R-BCW and Peter-R-WQR, Kaymonstar of the Gazetteers and Failcraft as Jennifer-R-BCW, Jarrod from Flame On! as Gunther-R-BOK, Chan Sterling aka DJ Snorlax from Derpy Show and Skill Focus Burlesque as the Game Master, and – by special request – Audrey, Marc with A C’s rogue TTS bot as “Friend Computer”.

It’s far more action and comedy than you’ve got clearance for.  Quick! Download or hit “play” before someone sees you!


Character Files:

Gunther-R-BOK :: Hunter-R-BCW

Jennifer-R-BCW :: Peter-R-WQR

Paranoia Links:



  1. Into the Labyrinth  ::  Trevor Jones
  2. Quadra IV  ::  Makeup and Vanity Set
  3. Trafficscape  ::  Eric Winstone
  4. A Glowing Light, A Promise :: Makeup and Vanity Set
  5. Contact  ::  Daft Punk feat. DJ Falcon
  6. Dragon Eyes  ::  John Carpenter
  7. Search The Night  ::  Makeup and Vanity Set
  8. Kinematic  ::  Vangelis
  9. Torte In Faccia  ::  Goblin
  10. One Alone  ::  Vangelis
  11. Desolation Path  ::  Vangelis
  12. Perfume Exotico  ::  Vangelis
  13. On the Spur of the Moment  ::  Tangerine Dream
  14. Motherboard  ::  Daft Punk
  15. Nap Store Video  ::  John Swihart
  16. Multi-Matrix  ::  Hiroyuki Namba
  17. Tirassegno  ::  Goblin
  18. Still Looking  ::  Polinski
  19. Museum Walk  ::  Tangerine Dream
  20. New Planet  :: Ford & Lopatin
  21. Vadavarot  ::  Vangelis
  22. Green Fields  ::  Ford & Lopatin
  23. The Cross  ::  Makeup and Vanity Set
  24. Mask of Death  ::  J. Trombey
  25. Kip Waits  ::  John Swihart
  26. Nap Rico Van  ::  John Swihart
  27. Nap Pulls Kip ::  John Swihart
  28. Tremories (Cosmonaut Edit)  ::  Polinski
  29. Bell Hop  ::  John Shakespeare
  30. Speaking Guitar  ::  Gerhard Narholz
  31. Holiday Playtime  ::  King Palmer
  32. Happy Go Lively ::  Laurie Johnson
  33. D-Qwan Boogie  ::  John Swihart
  34. Granny ATV  ::  John Swihart
  35. Bus Rider  ::  John Swihart
  36. Paranoimia  ::  Art of Noise
  37. Like Fireflies  ::  Polinski
  38. Nothing Can Stop Us Now  ::  Makeup and Vanity Set
  39. Vapor Drawings  ::  Mark Isham
  40. Gazebo  ::  David Foster

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