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Episode 145 :: Kickstarting the Future-Past

Posted by NerdyShow on June 17, 2013

ep 145 300Get ready for a Kickstarter to the crotch!  Over the few years of its existence, Kickstarter has been responsible for successfully funding countless nerdy concepts, awesome pieces of tech, music, literature, and other media that simply wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

This episode of Nerdy Show we discuss this crowd funding phenomena that’s changing the creative landscape. Hear Cap, Germaine, Jessica, Colin, and our Live Director, John La Valle’s stories of projects we’ve funded, the times we’ve been burned, and behind-the-helm perspectives from nerd-centric Kickstarters.

We interview Martin Wagner, the mind behind 19th century serial killer documentary, Bloody Work about his trials funding a film via Kickstarter, and his  historical investigation that promises to explore a dark, forgotten piece of American history.  Also in this episode, Bryan of Flame On! moderates a panel with several successful comics Kickstarters, Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts), Greg Baldwin (Creature Box), and Jeremy Haun (Bad Karma).

Is Kickstarting all it’s cracked up to be? Will the crowd-funding bubble burst? What do you need to know to get your own project going?  Just what does Nerdy Show think of Ouya? These are but some of the questions we ask in this episode of Nerdy Show.




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