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Episode 140 :: Nerdy Show Book Club – De Niromancer

Posted by NerdyShow on June 3, 2013

ep 140 300In this episode of Nerdy Show Book Club we take on a nerdy novel classic William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Thirty years ago this novel redefined science fiction, and to this day it continues to indelibly influence… just about everything.  Including your day-to-day life!  This is the kernel from which all of cyberpunk exploded and infected the world’s psyche with digital consciousness.  It’s a must read.  …And none of us had read it. So we’ve fixed that and hopefully you’ve joined us as we plunged headfirst into the Sprawl.

We share our thoughts on this landmark novel and its complex worldbuilding, discuss what you thought about the book, share what else we’ve been reading, and, of course, do a dramatic reading from Neuromancer as well as a reading from a film novelization.  Join Cap, Hex, Brandon, Jon, and Colin as we crack the ICE on this new book club adventure.

Next Episode’s Read-Along Book: Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen Sick Puppy - Carl Hiaasen


  1. Jurchen :: Sulumi
  2. Casino Night Zone :: Matheus Manente & Gryzor87
  3. Praxis :: Make Up And Vanity Set
  4. Jupit3r :: DjRoboRob


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