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Episode 139 :: Microsode 2-Pack – MechWarrior & Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Posted by NerdyShow on May 27, 2013

ep139 300What’s that you smell?  Is it the distinct scent of machine oil and dragon farts? It just might be!

Nerdy Show is serving up another double-stack of Microsodes and we’re talkin’ ’bout giant robots and all those times where sci-fi and fantasy get freaky on each other.  First, Cap Brandon, Jonna, Tony, and Luke discuss the universe of MechWarrior and Battle Tech – the books, the games, its origins, and the new MechWarrior Online – brought to you by Nerdy Show listener Trench88.

Then, BigBadShadowMan wanted to know what our favorite meldings of sci-fi and fantasy are, so Cap and Tony joined up with Doug, Adam, Josh, and Nina of Ghostbusters: Resurrection to discuss that infamous “double mumbo jumbo”.  What qualifies as sci-fi/fantasy?  What doesn’t? Why are there two Microsode 2-Packs back-to-back?!  Find out!


  1. Wawoow! Training Exercises :: lasombra
  2. Gravity Falls 2.0 :: Adam WarRock


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