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Derpy Show :: Episode 24 :: Legit Super Meedlies

Posted by Germangandr on May 10, 2013

MeedliesPrepare your ear holes for some legit meedlies of super proportions! Jam along with the guys as they derp through the hits of the late 90s and early 2000’s. DJ Snorlax gets lost in the most hipster corner of the internet, the NeoGeo forums. Neofaust finds a jar of Vegemite in the cupboard and demands to try this foreign culinary staple. Other crap that might happen: Ponder the origins of hacking terms, Search engine shenanigans, Reminisce with boR and DJ Snorlax about the 2013 Great American Pie Festival,  Neofaust suggests listening to music that will help drop your balls, fiction bangs, and more nonsense than you can shake a reggae-ton beat at.

DJ Snorlax, boR, Neofaust



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