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The Fake Congregation :: Indefinite Hibiscus :: 4/15/13

Posted by Cat on April 16, 2013

tfc 300The Fake Congregation has emerged from hibernation! …and we’re wearing those sexy panties that Ripley wears when she’s fixing to space nap. That’s right, Marc With a C is kicking his heels up on some exclusive island reserved for elite lo-fi pop musicians, and Cap has taken over your podwaves.  Our breath is rancid from a long slumber, but maybe playing some fresh tunes will sanctify us.

The stack of cool tracks that the sonic serpents demand we play you has grown high. We’ve got some hits from 2012 that need a-playin’, both on the radar and off, as well as some shiny new music.  Like new rocket ship scented.  It’s got a certain… Elon Musk.  If you’ve got a flavor, most likely we’ve got it tucked away in our popsicle cart.  Do I need to give you an invitation?  Dig in, fool!


  1. Altered State :: Mike Oldfield
  2. I’m Not Through :: OK Go
  3. Who :: David Byrne & St. Vincent
  4. So She :: David Bowie
  5. Dreams Today :: Efterklang
  6. Tourniquet :: Hem
  7. Fugue For Guilty Feet :: Frisky & Mannish
  8. Grandfarceur :: Qualité Motel feat. Mrs.Paintbrush
  9. Kisu Kisu :: Qualité Motel feat. Pintandwefall
  10. Head Above Water :: Men Without Hats
  11. Dear One :: Jim James
  12. Congo :: Genesis
  13. Pump Iron :: Bob Couch
  14. Buffalo Rider :: ???
  15. Walking Into Battle With the Lord :: Chumbawamba
  16. End Credits (from Jurassic Park) :: John Williams
  17. Working in a Coal Mine :: Devo
  18. Hypno-Jump Initiation :: Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
  19. Droog and Devotchka :: Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
  20. Better Media :: David Liebe Hart Band



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