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Episode 130 :: Nerdy Show Comic Show :: New Movements with Gail Simone

Posted by NerdyShow on April 1, 2013

EP 130 300In our last comics episode we discussed all the confusing and upsetting things happening over at DC Comics, and there’s even more to talk about! Don’t worry though, this episode is light on doom and gloom and filled with awesome comics. We interview Gail Simone, of Secret Six and Batgirl fame, about her forthcoming projects including a bold new book from DC, The Movement, her fan-funded Leaving Megalopolis, and clashing swords with Red Sonja.

Join Cap, Aaron, Adam, Tony, and Brian as we report on MegaCon 2013, say goodbye to Damian Wayne, celebrate just how much ass Marvel NOW is kicking, and fill you in on what recent comics you’ve got to check out. (Linked below so you can get reading asap!)



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