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Derpy Show :: Episode 23 :: Fish for the Plucking

Posted by Germangandr on April 26, 2013

fish for the plucking_smHark, Herptastic Derperinos! The jokes are fish for the plucking on the newest episode of Derpy Show! DJ Neofaust returns to the show this time but forgot a crucial piece of information while Robojoe forgets that we all already know about his home town. Feel the pain of patch day woes and Lol-de-Sack Blues powered by Windows Vista Service Pack 2! Also, MissTerri Guest and DJ Snorlax keep their pimp hands strong while boR asks questions about mysteriously vibrating magic brooms.

All of this and more on a very special episode of Derpy Show.


DJ Snorlax, boR, Neofaust, Nekkid Robojoe

Guest Derps:
MissTerri Guest



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