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Hex Grid – Episode 11 – On the Shoulders of Giants

Posted by Hex on March 12, 2013

On the Shoulders of GiantsThis week I have quite a treat for you! As well as having a selection of classic nerdy music that are from the rarer side of things I also have an interview with none other than Jerry Buckner of Buckner and Garcia! We talk about the old days, how the group got involved with Wreck-It Ralph, and upcoming projects!

The focus of the episode is to hopefully introduce you to songs that have been influential in molding the collective unconscious of nerdy music.


  1. Missing You :: Trash80
  2. One of our Submarines :: Thomas Dolby
  3. I Hold Your Hand In Mine :: Tom Lehrer
  4. The Spirit of Radio :: Rush
  5. Fish Heads :: Barnes & Barnes
  6. Pac-Man Fever :: Buckner & Garcia
  7. E.T., I Love You :: Buckner & Garcia
  8. Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph :: Buckner & Garcia
  9. Froggy’s Lament :: Buckner & Garcia
  10. Triangular :: Chromelodeon
  11. Pinball Wizard :: The Who


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