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Episode 127 :: Nerdy Show Book Club – Ready Player One

Posted by NerdyShow on March 11, 2013

ep 127 book club 300Grab your oscillation overthruster and shove some garbage in your Mr. Fusion, ’cause we’re blasting off into 1980s obscurity! This month’s community read-along is Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One a book tailor-made for any geek nurtured in the neon womb of 80s excess and schooled on some of the greatest nerd-centric pop culture ever made. But is a book written by a nerd for nerds a good thing? Can carefully catered niche references go too far? And how does its sci-fi story stack up against its contemporaries?

Join Cap, Hex, Colin, Brandon, and Tony for another adventure into the dog-eared pages of Nerdy Show Book Club.  Find out what other books we’re reading and what we think about ’em. Get in on the fun and read along with us!

Next Month’s Read-Along Book: Neuromancer by William Gibson Neuromancer - William Gibson


  1. Sunglasses at Night  ::  The Megas
  2. Spin Me Right Round  ::  Robotronica
  3. Dead Man’s Party  ::  Intervision


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