Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 012 :: The Vidyagames Episode

Posted by Jon Jonstar on February 21, 2013

Wicked Anime Podcast 2A little less than ten years ago, something like anime was a foreign concept in America.  HA! I made a pun!  Somewhere along the line, someone had the idea to take two cultures and clash them into modern day media.  Now, you can’t look at much pop-culture without seeing an anime influence or counterpart!  I’ve always wondered if Japan has had American conventions in the same way we’ve adopted their culture . . . Time to monopolize everything!  This episode we talk about the decline of MMORPGs, money CAN buy you love . . . in China, and all the Asian celebrity doppelgangers!

Join Jonathan, Andrew, Dillon, and Sean as they talk about what they are currently watching and how America wants to grow up to be just like Japan!





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Jon is the Co-Creator and Co-Host of Wicked Anime, a video review show and bi-weekly podcast about anime and Japanese Culture! His nerd caliber goes far beyond just anime though, he is a movie fanatic, comic book collector, and real-life professional artist! When he's not editing video or audio, you can most likely find him at conventions, either on a panel or in the dealers room!

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