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Alan: The Podcast – Chapter One

Posted by Hex on February 27, 2013

Chapter OneHi, I’m Hex! In case you weren’t aware, late last year, I ran a Kickstarter for a book I was writing. That book, Alan, was finished at the beginning of this year. As a part of the Kickstarter promise, I have gone ahead and started working on the Alan radio play.

This particular radio play is put together with amazing support from the entire Nerdy Show team. It’s still early in the podcast, so you won’t hear too many voices, but it’s definitely important for me to let you know who you will hear. Our voice acting fanatic, Tony Baldini, insisted on being heavily involved on this project, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tony will be voicing the human protagonist, Garth, during the entirety of the project. Inspired by his automated assistant, Audrey, I’ve enlisted the help of Marc with a C for the computerized voice of Alan. In this episode, you’ll notice some development in Alan’s voice and as that continues, we’ll have some more help… but I’ll save that as a surprise. A part of the Kickstarter rewards was that, if someone donated enough, they had the chance to voice a character in the radio play. The first supporter, Justin Vanegas, cameos in this chapter as Jason, who we’ll see more of later.

Update: Unfortunately this audio drama project was abandoned and this first chapter is the only episode that was produced. We present it here for archival purposes. If you’re curious what happens next, you’ll find it in Hex’s novel, Alan.


Official Alan Website


Producer: John Hex Carter

Voice of Alan Production: Marc with a C

Writer: John Hex Carter
Editor: Nicole Sirdoreus

Voice Actors:

Garth: Tony Baldini

Jason: Justin Vanegas

Theme Song:

Alan; Compute :: Dj RoboRob

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