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Derpy Show :: Episode 17 :: Derpy Weapon

Posted by NerdyShow on January 30, 2013

DerpyWeaponDJ Snorlax and boR have been at this game a while. They know the ropes, and have seen some shit. With Neofaust temporarily banished from Derpy Show due to his embarrassing defeat in the Derp Dome, DJ Snorlax and the boR are going to have to d-d-d-d-demonstrate how things work to RoboJoe “the Rookie”. Prepare yourself for an aquatic ride in the chopter, and a discussion about a popular TV show that ripped off a beloved singer/songwriter. Marvel as the guys recount stories from the days of their youth, and run for cover as DJ Snorlax attempts to weaponize his farts! All this and more on this week’s exciting new episode of Derpy Show!

Following this episode, we’ll be derping you every other Friday! Next show- Feb 15th.

Episode Art:
Chan Sterling and boR


  • Derpy Show Theme :: Careless of Random Encounter

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