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Season 4 Episode 62.5 :: Microsode – Projekts B 2Hype

Posted by NerdyShow on October 4, 2012

Behold! A Nerdy Show microsode. This episode B 2hype y’all, ’cause we’re talking about over-hyped projects. Projects that talk and big game and under-deliver or worse, the ones that build themselves up over time. You know the ones- they stew and fester for years, stoking the fires of the hype train, and when they finally arrive we’re left with a confusing pile of crap.

This microsode was requested by Trench88, and Cap, Hex, Tony, Jon, Luke, with special guest John La Valle have obliged him. Each of the crew picks one over-hyped item to harp on. So queue this sucker up in your iPod and prepare for disappointment.



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