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Ghostbusters Resurrection – Episode 01: First Bust!

Posted by NerdyShow on September 21, 2012


GBREpisode1Bustin’ makes us feel good! Nerdy Show is very proud to debut the latest member of the Nerdy Show family: Ghostbusters Resurrection! If you like Ghostbusters, roleplaying, or comedy, you need to give this a listen.

You can check out all of season 1 here on Nerdy Show along with fan art and more at the official GBR page. Load up your iPod with this fantastic series and get ready for Season 2!

America’s newest Ghostbusting franchise is officially up and running! But it seems like no one noticed since it’s been about three weeks, and the crew hasn’t received a single call. While the guys don’t mind sitting around the firehouse all day, if they don’t start getting some business soon, they’re bound to close just as quickly as they opened.

Thankfully, on a particularly boring day, the gang gets a call from the Orlando Police Department saying that they’re urgently needed downtown. A taxicab has thrown out its driver and passenger; and is currently driving itself! Traffic is backed up for miles, it’s almost rush hour, and this haunted taxi is showing no signs of stopping. At a time like this, who ya gonna call?

Five trigger-happy rookies with nuclear accelerators and zero field experience.

So now join us as our inexperienced Busters venture out on their first case. They don’t believe in Ghosts (yet), but that won’t stop them from busting. Did we plan the launch of this episode around Bill Murray’s birthday? If that’ll make your listening experience that much better… let’s just go and say yes.

Also, got a question for them? Notice some ghost or spectre at night? Give them a ring: (321) 209-2020


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  • Oh man, awesome! I’ve missed a couple of the first season episodes because of their dubious hosting.

  • Glad to see these guys over here – I got up to Episode 3 before falling behind because of having to manually download the episodes. I will continue to listen to it here – good to have 3.5 RPG podcasts on nerdyshow now (D&D, All Nerds and this and Pokéballs counting as the .5)

  • D’aaaaawwww I want my RPG podcast to be part of the Nerdy Show family. Shucks… *kicks at dirt*

  • Blunt

    I remember playing this when I was 15 w/ my brother after first getting the game. This is the solitaire introductory module that comes w/ the book. My brother ran it for me instead of me doing it on my own like you’re doing.
    Sidenote. Don’t think every character should pick Fire Proton Pak or Dodge for their Moves skill? Especially since can make it impossible to not hit anything w/ the proton pack if u don’t unless your Moves is like your highest attribute. I haven’t played in a loong time so I might b wrong. Opinion?

    • Well, you can’t pick “fire proton pack” for a talent because that’s too specific. It would also be useless whenever you’re not in combat. Talents should be a little more broad. Like “Occult” instead of “Popular Cults of the 1500s.” Dodge IS a useful skill, but it can only be done once per combat round, so it’s not overpowered.

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