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Derpy Show :: Episode 007 :: Programa Tonto

Posted by Hex on September 12, 2012

¡Programa Tonto! It’s time for another educational installment of “Ask a Foreigner” on Derpy Show! This time around, the guys found a young Spanish woman named Marina who was willing to answer their derpy questions. You’ll learn all about Spanish culture, from Chrisopher Columbus, to the Spanish nativity scene pooper. DJ Snorlax gives us his thoughts on a recent book purchase of his called “Wesley Crusher, Teenage Fuck Machine”. This episode is brought to you by the new 29 disk collection “Now That’s What I Call DERP!”


Light Guest Derping: Doctor Misses The Dirty Hipster
Spanish Girl: Marina
Episode Art: Marina
Translation by:Dora (who may or may not explore)Tracks:

  1. Derpy Show Theme [SPANISH REMIX] ::  Full Body Champoux

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