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All Nerds Must Be Eaten :: Episode 2 :: Riots and Revelations

Posted by NerdyShow on September 7, 2012

The Nerdageddon continues!  All Nerds Must Be Eaten stars a group of Nerdy Show Community members as themselves, featuring some people and places familiar to long-time Nerdy Show listeners.

As news of the zombie outbreak gets worse and the police start quarantining Orlando, the gang are going to have to find somewhere safer than the Nerdy Show house. Supplies are running low; but with the public getting tense, restocking important items might not be as easy as they thought.


* Running from Evil Horde was credited to the wrong remixer during recording, we are sorry for the mixup.

ZM’d by Twothums
Starring: Arkais, Trench 88, SageZero, Kahalis, and frozentreasure as “Roy”

Guest Stars:
Cap Blackard and Hex as themselves
Tony the Draw Friend – Steve
Glitch – General White
Flawedspirit – Mayor of Orlando
Mjolnir – Security Guard
Kaymonstar – Nurse
ViralDemon – Doctor
Hex as Zach Dude
Kaosubaloo – Random Guy in Line

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