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Derpy Show :: Episode 006 :: No Things Considered

Posted by NerdyShow on August 29, 2012

In response to criticism, this episode of Derpy Show is 100% non-offensive, all inclusive, and they actually check all their facts and pronunciation.* Learn about an exciting new blend of tea, the Alpine myth of the Krampus, EVE Online, and gender theory. Listen as DJ Snorlax goes on an angry tirade about The Big Bang Theory. Later, boRstrodomus cracks open a few truth eggs and whips up a wisdom omelette.

*NOTE: This statement may not be based in reality.

Light Guest Derping: Doctor Misses The Dirty Hipster


  1. Midnight Voyage :: M.A.G. Trio
  2. Derpy Show Theme :: Careless of Random Encounter

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