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Derpy Show :: Episode 005 :: nefoost pls

Posted by NerdyShow on August 15, 2012

In this rootin’ tootin’ episode of Derpy Show, DJ Snorlax realizes that Neofaust is a living version of the dolan meme, the gang recounts their experience at Nerdapalooza, Neofaust reacts to /r/spacedicks, and DJ Snorlax fires up the Derpy Show Chopter to get the scoop on a naked man with Crisco looking for a good time. They also blather on about MMOs, VR goggles, Free to Play gaming, Neofaust’s antifreeze drink, The Olympics, philosophy, microwaves, and the new Beck album.

Theme song: Careless of Random Encounter
Picture: Jonna Renee
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