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All Nerds Must Be Eaten :: Episode 1

Posted by NerdyShow on July 20, 2012

We’re pleased to present a new RPG podcast here on Nerdy Show, and the first of its kind on the site: a podcast series created entirely by the Nerdy Show Community.  Yes, this is a show made by Nerdy Show fans, for Nerdy Show fans. All Nerds Must Be Eaten stars a group of community members as themselves, featuring some people and places familiar to long-time Nerdy Show listeners. Now THAT’S what we call fan fiction!

Nerdapalooza is upon on us again. However this year the festivities are cut short as the zombie apocalypse begins. Follow our survivors as they go through the disappointment of missing out on Adam WarRock and have to step up to help save the Nerdy Show Crew from becoming dinner.

All Nerds Must Be Eaten is a Role Playing Podcast using the All Flesh Must Be Eaten ruleset.


  1. The Geeks Come Out at Night :: Devo Spice The Geeks Come Out At Night (feat. the great Luke Ski) - Gnome Sane?
  2. Subterranean Kamikaze :: Sixto Sounds and Zircon
  3. You’ve Been Bitten. What Do I Do? :: MC Cool Whip Feat. Grizzly C You've Been Bitten. What Do I Do? (w/ Grizzly C) - Cool Whip Recipes

ZM’d by Twothums
Starring: Arkais, Trench 88, SageZero, Kahalis, and frozentreasure as “Roy”

Guest Stars:
Cap Blackard and Hex as themselves
Max Acree as “Random Guy”

Album Artwork by: Tony Baldini
ANMBE Logo by: Max Acree


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