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The Real Congregation :: Audrey Is A Good Host (Part One) :: 06/12/12

Posted by MarcWithaC on June 12, 2012

Shortly before the taping of this episode, Marc With a C was ordered by his doctor to go on immediate vocal rest. No joke.

Instead of ending season two of The Real Congregation a few episodes early, he instead enlisted his favorite TTS program to host the show instead. Her name is Audrey, and she is only enable with the facts and playlists that Marc has given her. However, she’s always wanted to be a star, and it’ll be interesting to see where she takes the show.

Due to our faith in how good of a program she is, we saw no need to double check this program before releasing it to you. Audrey is a good host, and besides, what could possibly go wrong?


  1. Substitute (US radio edit) :: The Who Substitute (Single Version) - The Ultimate Collection
  2. I’m Beginning To See The Light :: Joe Jackson
  3. God Wants Us To Wait :: The Magnetic Fields God Wants Us to Wait - Love at the Bottom of the Sea
  4. Cheating Nighttime :: Blinker The Star Cheating Nighttime - We Draw Lines
  5. Class Clown Spots A UFO :: Guided By Voices Class Clown Spots a UFO - Class Clown Spots a UFO - Single
  6. Protest :: Merv Shiner
  7. The One Man Band Broke Up :: Ceschi The One Man Band Broke Up - The One Man Band Broke Up
  8. He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) :: The Crystals He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) - The Phil Spector Collection
  9. Any Kind Of Pain :: Frank Zappa
  10. Crying In The Rain :: Carole King Crying In the Rain - The Legendary Demos
  11. Pigs On The Wing (full version) :: Pink Floyd
  12. Tro, Hopp & Karek :: Suzie
  13. They’re Coming To Take Me Away :: Napoleon XIV They're Coming To Take Me Away - Sixties Top 50 Best Ever
  14. I’m Happy They Took You Away :: Josephine XIV
  15. They’re Coming To Get Me Again :: Napoleon XIV
  16. Yawa Em Ekat Ot Gnimoc Er’yeht :: Napoleon XIV !!Aah !Ah Yawa Em Ekat Ot Gnimoc Er'yeht (Re-Recorded) - They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha! Haa!! - Single (Re-Recorded Version)
  17. Brimful Of Asha :: Cornershop Brimful of Asha - Rhino Hi-Five: Modern Rock Blender - EP


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I was born at a very young age. After that, I made a lot of records. Used to host The Real Congregation for Nerdy Show. Now I just sort of pop up when needed, and I'm the general manager for Nerdy.FM, our 24/7 radio station dedicated solely to nerdy music! Also, still making records.

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