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The Hex Grid – Episode 6 – For Orchestra

Posted by Hex on June 27, 2012

And we are back to your regularly scheduled programming for the Hex Grid!! Don’t expect us to do this weekly format, I just felt we needed to get back on schedule. Expect the next Hex Grid in two weeks. 🙂

For this episode we were able to grab Walt Ribeiro, the maestro mastermind behind For Orchestra, a fun project that involves orchestrating rather familiar pop songs. We find out what makes him tick and how he got his start. On this episode we also talk about OC Remix’s 35th Album, Freezepop’s latest antics, and other fun musically charged things. I’d tell you, but then you would be less inclined to listen. 🙂


  1. A Hammer :: Adam WarRock
  2. A Lesson From Teacher :: Anti-Syne
  3. Something About Us (Daft Punk) :: Walt Ribeiro
  4. Flow Like Poe (ft. Walt Ribeiro) :: MC Lars
  5. Roaming… Please Wait (Main Theme & Gurgu Volcano) :: BONKERS
  6. Pipe Dream (ft. Lauren Liebowitz of Descendants of Erdrick) :: Stemage
  7. Vacation Wasteland :: Slime Girls
  8. Grande March Gourmetique :: The NESkimos


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