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The Hex Grid – Episode 5 – Brentalfloss

Posted by Hex on June 20, 2012

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus for the Hex Grid! We’re back, and with our return so to comes the return of Brentalfloss! He’s been on Nerdy Show before, but now on Hex Grid he takes the spotlight!

He’s just released a brand new album called Bits of Me, so we thought it’d be apropos to bring him on and chew the proverbial fat. And by we, I mean myself and Tony the Draw Friend who joins in as one of our resident brentalfloss fanboys.


  1. This is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For :: brentalfloss
  2. Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi :: brentalfloss
  3. Meet Me In the Dungeon, Dear :: brentalfloss
  4. The Truth About Toad :: brentalfloss
  5. The PokeMen :: brentalfloss
  6. Star Fox: Space Oddity :: brentalfloss


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