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Season 4 Episode 51 :: Microsode – Tabletop RPGs

Posted by NerdyShow on June 21, 2012

We’ve combined two microsode topics into one mega-microsode!  Our listeners pick the topics and we talk about ’em, but this time it felt right for two topics to team up.  Tom Mintun asked us to muse on the Palladium and Rifts RPG systems, and Viral Demon asked us to talk about tabletop other than Dungeons & Dragons. Join, Cap, Hex, Brian, Colin, and Ruel for some in-depth roleplaying discussion.  There’s a whole galaxy of different systems out there and we share our favorites and least favorites, roleplaying experiences, and insight from both longtime players, and our own resident game designer.

Just in time for our RPG support drive!


  1. Valley of the Blades  ::  Dethlehem


RPGs Discussed:


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