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Flame On :: S02E01 :: Big Things, Small Beginnings

Posted by TheQ on June 21, 2012

Flame On! goes LIVE! That’s right, we had our first live podcast where we interacted with our listeners via chat room during the podcast! That means a lucky handful of fans got their geeky gay talk and sex advice with instant gratification! Want yours now? Then dive in with Bryan the Bear, Jarrod the Alterna-draw Guy, Eric the Power Pig, Oral the Nubian Nymph, and me, The Question of quizzical queerness, for our first episode of Flame ON! Season 2!


I really liked Snow White and My Husband, although Charlize Theron could use some anger management classes. MIB3 entertained, but Ridley Scott’s Prometheus proved to be the sci-fi movie that had us talking our luscious lips off. Two things had us squealing — Michael Fassbender and the surgery scene — but for two complete different reasons!

Need an Alien franchise refresher course? Check out our Alien 101 podcast with Drew from First Order Historians!

In response to Marvel’s The Avengers becoming Earth’s Mightiest Movie, DC let fly a string of movie announcements including the Justice League, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern. Not to be outdone, Marvel countered with news about Captain America 2, Black Panther, and the sequel to X-Men: First Class. Keep fighting, boys, the more comic book movies the better!


It’s a sad thing when a good show comes to an end, so join Bryan and Oral as they lament the loss of GCB, aka Good Christian Bitches, as well as Marvel’s cartoon series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Also hear discussion on the season finales of Game of Thrones and the animated Green Lantern, as well as the shocking events in Young Justice.

Video Games

We get our gaymer on with the beautiful Journey and the excruciatingly horrible Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. Also hear news about the new Skyrim expansion (is that a midair sex move?), the curiously named Injustice: Gods Among Us from DC, and the Avengers Kinect game. For more awesome video game coverage, check out the Nerdy Show’s E3 coverage!

Questions from the Question

I collected some questions from our listeners and boy do we have some messed up fans! But our guys did their best to sort out whether two bottoms can be in a relationship, and how to get your partner to cosplay during sex!

Gay News

We attended Orlando’s Gay Days weekend, and we share a few stories from our adventures! Check out our Gay Days 101 microsode for all the dirty details!

It’s been a busy news time for gays, including North Carolina being some bitches, President Obama coming out of the closet, DOMA being repealed, a gay Mormon marrying his wife, CFL’s Sounds of Freedom performing their first concert, Northstar marrying his man, and the gay re-booting of Green Lantern Alan Scott!


Kevin Keller gets bullied in Archie Comics, Prophet sees love in Bryan’s heart, Locke and Key locks up its latest arc, and Secret and Secret Service ought to get title changes!

Marvel has been killing it sales-wise with Avengers vs X-Men, but we weigh in on the lackluster event and its many, many, many confusing tie-ins. We discuss the big shake ups on Marvel’s creative teams, the conclusion to Spider-Man’s big Ends of the Earth event, and more!

DCcancels four titles and follows up with four replacements — there can only be 52! We dish on what we think about the newbies, plus we chat about the creative swap on Superman, the first Before Watchmen titles, the secrets of the Indigo Tribe from Green Lantern, and the stunning revelation that rocked the internet in Scott Snyder’s Batman!

We definitely kicked off Season 2 with a bang! And we want to give our deep, deep, deepest thanks to everyone who joined in during the live chat! Shout out to Pat from Bears in the City, Chad from Bear Bones Clothing Company, and everyone else that listened live. If it’s gay and it’s geeky, you’ll find it on Flame ON!


  1. “The Lion, the Beast, the Beat” – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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